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Partners help page.

Partner - the company who uses Nukta to issue points.

Customer - the person who collects the points. This section answers Partner questions. Customers can get answers here:

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First steps? What do you do if you signed up for the free trial?

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What is the difference between a partner and a customer?

Depending on your subscription package, some features may not be available to you.

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How does the Nukta partner app scan the customers barcode?

What does the Nukta partner app look like?

See screenshot here.

The Nukta partner app is for partner employees to

be able to capture and credit points to your


You can only login if your manager has given you

login credentials.

Where can customers (members) get the Nukta member app?

See screenshot here.

The Nukta member app is for members to sign in or sign up, view their balance, allow partner employees to

scan the barcode and view any promotional messages. They can get it from the
Google play store.

I have the STAR monthly package - how can I send push email and messages to my customers?

See screenshot here.

Your dashboard menu has Messaging under the Utility menu. Just like a text message a push message goes directly to the members android phone. You can choose to send an email broadcast too.

I have the STAR monthly package - what are the real extras I get?

See screenshot here.

4000 customer limit.

3 Partner ID's

15 employee ID's

Access to draws - this feature allows you to conduct marketing campaigns where bonus point draws can be managed and executed. 6 instant redemptions.

Credit points from dashboard - with this handy feature managers can credit points straight from the dashboard.

Push message - You can send up to 1000 messages directly to your customers phone.

Push email - You can use our infrastructure to send your promotional and marketing emails.

The STAR monthly package is a marketing powerhouse tool.

Why is my phone unable to read the customers barcode?

Sometimes a phone or tab camera is incapable of reading the customers bar code. This is due to to the camera specifications being of lower grade or the customers screen having a fault that interferes with the phone correctly reading the barcode. We suggest you test other phones to see if the problem persists. We recommend an 8MP camera or higher.

I have the STAR package and I want to know how to do push messages in other languages??

The push message feature allows you to send messages directly to your customers Android phone. Besides English, you can send promotional messages in several different languages - please check out the screenshot of a test message.

I would like to put my own company logo on the Nukta app. Can I replace it?

Yes you can! Just tap on the Nukta logo and the option to upload a logo from your phone's image gallery will open up. Select your logo and submit. This feature may not work on some phones. See a sample image changed here:

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I already have a loyalty module in my POS so why should I use Nukta?

Loyalty programs work effectively when you have all the tools to help it work. Most POS systems have the basic data capture elements but lack the messaging, referral, lucky draw and other tools that are neccessary.

I use a POS. Can you integrate Nukta loyalty data capture with my POS?

Because there are so many different POS systems, we don't have APIs ready for all of them. However, we are available to discuss creating one for you. Contact us and we will take details of the POS to see if we can supply an integration solution.

This may take up to 2 weeks.

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How to issue points to customers using the Nukta partner app?

You can only do this if you have downloaded the app from the Google play store and your manager has given you login credentials.

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How to process an instant redemption for a customer? Remember, this is a feature that has been made available in all subscriptions. If you have it, below video explains it:

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How to login to the Nukta partner app and issue points to a customer?

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How does a member login? Members can download the Nukta members app from the Google play store and partners can scan their barcode from their phone. See video:

How do I make sure my employees or customers do not misuse the platform to commit Fraud?

The Nukta platform give you access to Partner managers to a Fraud check report in the managers dashboard. Please check this regularly. Fraud can usually happen only if a customer and one of your employees collude. Besides the fraud check reports you may inform your employees of its existence and introduce any preventive disciplinary measures. When a partner is being set up, fraud parameters are discussed with Partner managers and set up in our system.

Do points expire?

Yes. Three Year Nukta Expiry Policy - Nukta have a three-year Expiry Policy, which runs from January each year. e.g. All Nukta earned up to 31st December 2018 will be subject to expiry on 31st December 2021. Twelve-month Inactive Account Expiry Policy We may close any Nukta account on which no Nukta points have been collected or redeemed for a continuous period of 12 months. Upon account closure, any Nukta in such account will expire.

Can a member do more than one redemption on the same day?

Yes, multiple redemptions can be made on the same day, given that the points redeemed got added at least 14 days earlier. But a partner manager can bypass that rule also using his dashboard credentials. This rule is in place to minimize fraudulent redemptions.

Can I credit a random points amount to a customer directly from my Partner managers dashboard?

If you have subscribed to that service, YES, you can. Its easy and you can credit whatever points you want to any of your customers and specify any reason for your own records.

How can I get tooltips in my own language?

Tooltips are not available in all languages, but the following languages have been set up: Arabic, English, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish.

Just go to Tooltip Menu on the Manager's dashboard and select a language.

Can I upgrade my package to take advantage of more services?

YES, you can do that. Just contact us by email or use the form below.

How many users can I have?

You can have as many users as you want. Notice, however, that you will be charged according to the plan of choice..

Will customers (members) have to pay any fees?

The Nukta platform is totally free for your customers (members). They can create an account, download and use the apps and process redemptions - all without charge.

Can I get a refund?

We offer a free test account for 30 days where you can try out all features before buying. Additionally our packages are also available on monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time. Sorry, there are no refunds unless we are unable to resolve a platform related technical problem that you have.

Is there any discount for Non-Profits and Charities?

Yes, Nukta believes in supporting noble causes and therefore provides up to 100% discount for the non-profit organizations. Contact us with details.

How is a Partner managers access credentials different from a partner employees credentials?

It is the partner manager that has a higher access and it allows them to create employess access credentials as well as delete them. Partner managers access is through the site and Partner employees access is through the Nukta partner app on Google play store.

How are rewards selected and who determines the rewards and points needed to redeem?

When a partner subscribes to us we send the manager a set of questions according to their subscription package on what rewards they would like added to their account and for how many points. So, it is the partner management that decides the rewards and required points. Rewards could be anything: It could be your product or a discount on your product or service. It could be a tangible gift or a free service. The objective should to make it pleasing and achievable to the majority of your members. Just keep that in mind.

How come you haven't got the iphone (iOS) versions of the apps?

The nukta solution is mostly web based. Meaning that you can run a loyalty program WITHOUT the apps.

The partner app has a very basic function of capturing customer purchase transactions details and we realized most partners would not use expensive phones to do this. As far as members (customers) are concerned, they can access their dashboard through We will be working on an iOS version of the member app soon but anyone can currently signup through and can find all their transactional details through the dashboard. For partners to scan barcode of the customers - this can be done by asking partners to check their welcome email. This contains the barcode.

How is the issuance rate of partner points calculated?

When a partner account is set up in the Nukta platform by our customer support crew, the partner managers would have supplied us with information that tells the system how many points to issue when you enter the spend amount into the Nukta app. Additionally you manager may have access to assign points to partners through his dashboard, This depends on the type of monthly subscription.

How can I use the Nukta platform to create a points program to reward and motivate my staff and employees?

There are some companies already doing this. You can use the Nukta platform to issue points to employees or associates or business partners that need to be motivated in order for your business to succeed. All you need to do is advise us on how to set up the points and rewards and you can start issuing points from your app or dashboard for milestones your employees or business associates have achieved. There are no shortages of reasons to issue points - You could issue points at varying degrees for various milestones such as punctuality, achieving targets, suggesting improvements, team successes and more.

What is Push messaging?

Depending on package chosen, when a partner account is set up in the Nukta platform by our customer support crew, the feature for partner managers to send promotional messages directly to a customers registered phone is possible This is a PUSH message. This is a great feature to communicate your promotional offers as well as remind your customers about your great services.

I am a partner employee. Will I have to calculate points before entering data?

Not at all. During initial set up the points for each amount you enter into the AMOUNT field in the Nukta partner is already programmed in. Your manager would have given us that information. All you have to do is make sure the correct amount spent by the customer (whichever your currency) is entered.

Why is my city not listed under my country in the sign up process?

This is work in progress. As soon as any partner from any city from any country contacts us to sign up to be a partner we will add that partners city into the drop down cities list. So don't fret, your city WILL be added if you will be using our platform.

Why don't you offer phone support?

Just like many other web based software companies, we have decided to keep our costs low so that we can continue to offer you a low priced monthly packages filled with cool marketing features. However if the need really arises, our personnel could hop on a telephone call or online meeting if you first email and explain the need.

How do you set up instant redemption?

To set up instant redemption, click on the UTILITY tab and then Click on Instant Redemption Button. Fill in all the information about the reward you'd like to provide to your customers. Include Offer Code, Product Name,Description, Image, the Points required to win the reward, Validity of this reward, Terms & Conditions and so on before you save the reward. The reward will show up on the Instant Redemption button on the TRANSACTION tab.

I made a mistake and accidentally credited too much to the customer. How do I reverse that transaction?

This is something you need to get in touch with Nukta Admin to get done. As you may have noticed, the system asks you to make sure before crediting the amount. But if an mistake does happen - please explain it to the customer and write to us and we will review the case for reversal.

Why am I unable to login?

We can answer this with some questions.

Have you checked your userid carefully?

Have you checked your pin?

Are you entering the userid into the correct app? There are two apps.

Have you tried the lost your pin option?

I want to do a loyalty points program but I can't think of any rewards?

Rewards are an important part of any rewards points program.

Your customers are collecting and looking forward to redeeming rewards.

If your business does not have any products or services to give away as rewards, below are two suggestions:

1. Give a discount as a reward. For example your customer can get a 50% discount if they collect 100 points.

2. Offer your local Supermarket's shopping vouchers - you could buy them and stock them as you need.

What kind or fraud protection do I get as a partner?

When you use our platform you get access to fraud reports under the partner manager dashboard. When you set up your account (based on your feedback) with us we will set the system to give you reports in RED

Whenever a card is used too many times or too many credits have been given, you will be able to review it in your dashboard. You may study those transactions to investiage and determine if a customer or employee is attempting fraud.

Is it possible to have plastic membership cards for our members?

Our platform is built around a virtual card system. This does not mean that those who really want plastic cards for their members to get them. You could approach us for a customized solution. There would be extra costs involved.

I have an employee login for the partner app and I want to change my pin. How?

Visit and login with your existing user and pin.

Answer and set the secret question (make sure you remember the answer for the future)

Change the pin.

Login with new pin.

I have an online business and I would like to use Nukta to issue points to my customers. How can I do that?

We can provide you with an API. Please contact us with details of your website and nature of the business.

I want to download my customer data. How can I do that?

This is a premium feature and available if you subscribe to the STAR monthly package..

Does the employee need to use the Partner App to credit points to the customers?

No, he can login to his account through and issue the points to the customer through the browser.


How do I get my customers to see my banner?

This is a PAID SERVICE and you can contact Nukta to be able to gain access to this option. Write to

What if my customer forgot his phone and does not remember his card number. Can he still do a transaction?

Yes, he can still receive points to his account if he provides his Email ID to be used instead of the card number.

How do I get my Logo to appear on a customer's app?

It automatically appears on his app as soon as he does a transaction with your store.

I've searched but I still can't find the answer to my question: