Members help page.

Member or customer - the person who collects and redeems points.

Partner - the company who issues the points.

This section answers MEMBER questions. Partners can get answers here.

What is the difference between a partner and a customer(member)?

How does the Nukta partner app scan the customers barcode?

Where can customers (members) get the Nukta member app?

See screenshot here.

The Nukta member app is for members to sign in or sign up, view their balance, allow partner employees to

scan the barcode and view any promotional messages. They can get it from the
Google play store.

Why is the store's phone unable to read my barcode?

Sometimes a phone or tab camera is incapable of reading the customers bar code. This is due to to the camera specifications being of lower grade or the customers screen having a fault that interferes with the phone correctly reading the barcode.

I forgot my phone, how do I get points?

The store employee can credit points by the email you used to sign up. Alternatively you can request to phone them and provide your membership number. This depends on individual store policy.

How come you haven't got the iphone (iOS) versions of the Nukta members app?

As far as members (customers) are concerned, we will be working on an iOS version of the member app soon but you can currently signup through and can find all your transactions details through the dashboard. For partners to scan your barcode - this can be done by showing them your welcome email. This contains the barcode.

Will customers (members) have to pay any fees?

No. It's free for members. The only time a partner pays charge fees is if he applies special privileges for membership and decides to charge fees for that tier of membership.

How do I get a Nukta members card?

Go over to and click JOIN. Its FREE.

Sign up as a customer. Takes under one minute.

You will get a VIRTUAL card number and this card number will also be emailed (sometimes you may need to check your spam folder) to you. You can now use this card number to get points from PARTNERS - the store that gives you the points.

How does a partner process an instant redemption for a customer?

Remember, this is a feature that is not available in all partners monthly subscriptions.

If they have it, below video explains it:

How does a member login?

Members can download the Nukta members app from the Google play store and

partners can scan their barcode from their phone. See video:

How come I can't make an instant redemption. I have enough points!

The Nukta platform holds back any points earned during the last two weeks from being redeemed. If you are trying to redeem using points earned over two weeks ago, you won't have any problems. Lets say your current balance shows 1000. However if you were trying to trying to redeem something for 800 points and you earned a part of that within the last 2 weeks (say 300 for example), the system will not allow your redemption to go through.

Can I stop receiving messages from the partner store?

YES, you can do that. On Android, you can do it in Settings>Notifications>App Notifications.

For emails, you can just click unsubscribe.

Can a member do more than one redemption on the same day?

Yes, as long as the points were earned at least 2 weeks ago. If the points were earned within 2 weeks, a manager can still go ahead and process your redemption using his login.

Why do you ask for Govt ID nbr?

We dont ask that you provide your full Govt ID - just the last three characters. Its a security measure just in case we need to make sure you are indeed who you say you are when we require to do cross checks.

Do points expire?

Yes. Three Year Nukta Expiry Policy - Nukta have a three-year Expiry Policy, which runs from January each year. e.g. All Nukta earned up to 31st December 2018 will be subject to expiry on 31st December 2021. Twelve-month Inactive Account Expiry Policy We may close any Nukta account on which no Nukta points have been collected or redeemed for a continuous period of 12 months. Upon account closure, any Nukta in such account will expire.

How is the issuance rate of partner points calculated?

When a partner account is set up in the Nukta platform by our customer support crew, the partner managers would have supplied us with information that tells the system how many points to issue when the spend amount is entered into the Nukta partner app.

Why is my city not listed under my country in the sign up process?

This is work in progress. As soon as any partner from any city from any country contacts us to sign up to be a partner we will add that partners city into the drop down cities list. So don't fret, your city WILL be added if you will be using our platform.

The partner employee made a mistake and accidentally credited too much to my account. How do they reverse that transaction?

This is something they need to get in touch with Nukta Admin to get done. If an mistake does happen - please be patient while they write to us and we will review the case for reversal.

Why am I unable to login?

We can answer this with some questions.

Have you checked your userid carefully?

Have you checked your pin?

Are you entering the userid into the correct app? There are two apps.

Have you tried the lost your pin option?

Can I gift my points or rewards?

You cannot transfer your points but you can redeem a voucher and give it to a friend or relative. It has a unique one time code.

Can I use the same membership to collect points from many outlets?

This depends on the policy of the shops. Many shops will only allow you to collect and redeem from their own shops. But nothing is stopping you from having more than one account.

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