What is NUKTA, and how can it help you? Are you a small retail business looking to upscale your marketing at an affordable price? Are you in need of a simple yet effective way to show your most loyal customers that you appreciate them?

Then the NUKTA LOYALTY PROGRAM is perfect for you. Loyalty programs can upscale your revenue by at least 25% and more, save money through customer retention, gather data that will help you understand your customers better and tailor experiences to their needs making customers feel appreciated and noticed.

Simply having a traditional loyalty program is not enough. Customers are drawn to personalised experiences, and 83 per cent of customers agree that loyalty programs make them more likely to continue doing business with certain companies. This is what makes the Nukta loyalty program just right.

Not only does it help you set up rewards for your business using a number of tools, but it also helps build and improve on your business marketing, enhancing your customer footprint, attracting new customers while retaining your most regular loyal customers.

This can be done with tools such as lucky draws, which keep customers engaged and excited to buy from your store, referral campaigns rewarding customers and using them as the face of your brand, rise above the competition by offering tailored discounts and discounts to your customers.

No need to install fancy software’s; all you need is your phone browser and the internet to be able to perform transactions and run your program smoothly. If you want, you can also download the optional partner app and member app your phone.

If you like the tools and feel that the NUKTA Loyalty program is just what you need for your business, start your 30-day trial today. Should you feel that the platform is not suitable for your business, we have a refund policy in place. Go on, try NUKTA today http://www.nuktaloyalty.com

- Amo L

Nukta support

25 March 2021

Let Nukta help you run the perfect draws. Capitalize on the age of digitalization and create innovative ways to advance your business further. Offering not only an interactive and simple, user-friendly interface and dashboard (requiring no additional software) but also a smooth process for carrying out your lucky draws from beginning to end.

- Amo L

Nukta support

26 March 2021

Thinking about creating a prize competition to promote your business or keep your customers engaged - the Nukta lucky draws might be the right move. Now, we aren’t talking about breaking the law and running a gambling ring or losing money investing in multiple rewards that don’t speak to your business profile, but instead creating contests that incentivize interaction to help drive traffic to your business and boost your sale margins.

Additionally, the use of digital lucky draws like the one provided by Nukta Loyalty Solutions upscale your business through data collections, better advertising of your products at a cheaper scale.

Whether you’re a small or larger business, you need a strategy for new marketing styles and running promotions. The Nukta lucky draw platform allows you to plan, customize and create your rewards, allowing you to explore new and creative marketing strategies. Here are some tips:

1.Firstly, ensure that your lucky draw does not infringe on any laws - double-check any by-laws and be sure you are on the right side of the law.

2.Head over to the Nukta Loyalty Platform and set-up your lucky draw

3.Select rewards that speak to your customer needs-based on buying patterns and styles. This will further encourage your members to participate in the draws.

4.Remember to create rewards that allow for multiple winners; this allows for trust to be built with your customers and encourage them to participate in the draws.

5.Spread the word using our Nukta push notifications and emails, using in-store promoters, packaging changes etc. investing in your advertising goes a long way in making the draws successful.

6.Utilize our Nukta platforms to communicate your winners, promoting any new information and or subsequent draws.

Click on the following links for a detailed tour around our lucky draw feature.

A solid referral campaign program will assist in boosting your overall marketing return on investment (ROI) driving sales up. Diversifying how you market your product helps build your brand, so what better way is there to do this than to use your most trusted customers. Head on over to Nukta.me and get started today.

- Amo L

Nukta support

27 March 2021

Referral campaign?

How about old school fashion word of mouth marketing?

Before the dawn of the internet and social media, simply telling a neighbour about a product and its benefit was enough to entice them to go try it out. The key to it all – trust and faith in the service. Referral campaigns help you reach a larger audience, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association reported that over 2.4 billion brand-related conversations are had on a daily in the United States alone, bridging the gap between loyal regular customers and new potential customers.

Like all marketing strategies and programs, referral marketing is only effective when managed efficiently and optimized to attract the right customers. Nukta Referral campaign tool helps you do just that, built on the trust of your regular customers while awarding you the luxury of free/affordable marketing platform.

When and how do you want to issue points? That’s up to you!

The base objective is to make your customers and returning to you.

You don’t need to give away the store to do this.

1. When a purchase is made – every time a customer buys items, they automatically collect points (provided they have their membership number or email with them)

2. First purchase – Using the bonus tools – EXTRA Points can be issued to a new customer or customers new to the app. A great motivator.

3. Referral purchase – word of mouth paying off? Reward customers who bring in new friends and give them BOTH some EXTRA points

4. Purchase on a particular day or time – discounts at a specific hour – hello extra points. Use the Additional bonus too to set this up.

5. Purchase of a particular product – extra points earned on selected items on the menu for the specific day, time, etc. Use the Additional bonus too to set this up.

You can think of other ways to reward actions with points! There are tons of ways customers can earn points, this can be determined by the partner manager and relayed to employees – it’s all in how you market and spread the word to customers. It’s that easy.

Getting the hang of things? To find out more or get a full demo, contact us through our website at www.Nuktaloyalty.com or simply click on the Youtube video below to get a tour of the platform.

- Amo L

Nukta support

02 April 2021

All set-up on the Nukta platform? Now it’s time to issue out some points.

Rewarding customers on a short-term promotional giveaways and specials for the month creates certain value. It motivates new or existing customers to sample products or services, however, the turnover rate wouldn’t equate to measurable benefit and long-term customer retention. Why settle for the bare minimum when you can have the absolute best.

Rewarding customers gives them a good feeling, could it be equivalent to endorphins realised when getting chocolate or flowers from a loved one? It just might be. People love being celebrated, and the way in which they are celebrated will result in earned loyalty. The manner in which rewards are presented and earned by customers prompts them to return to the store and also promote your business, Nukta Loyalty has the right tools to do just that. Managers and store employees play a vital role in the issuing of points, and understanding how to utilize our retailer marketing tool to issue points is important. Let’s break it down: Managers are responsible for creating employee credentials, once this is complete – employees are then able to issue out points to customers either through the dashboard or via the Nukta App (found in the Google play store).

The difference between managers and employees, Managers are able to credit unlimited points or bonus points at their own discretion to customers. Employees on the other hand are limited to issuing out points based on the defaults defined by the manager in the system.

Only partner managers are able to create campaigns and employees through their browser dashboard are then able to issue out the rewards to the customers. Here is a step by step guide, for more details click on the video below for a complete tour of the platform:

1.Give your discount campaign name

2.Ensure that the dates do not overlap

3.Determine the discount value/rate 4.Insert the qualifying transaction and frequency i.e. how often customers must purchase at the store to qualify for the discount

5.Transaction quality i.e. the minimum/maximum amount customers need to spend to earn rewards 6.Determine how often customers can use the specified reward

To find out more or get a full demo, contact us through our website at www.Nuktaloyalty.com or simply click on the Youtube video below to get a tour of the platform.

- Amo L

Nukta support

03 April 2021

Discounts have been used for years to incentivise customers and encourage them to keep buying. There’s no doubt individuals are drawn to marked-down goods, the idea of purchasing an item that is otherwise expensive at a cheaper price is exciting.

However, there’s more to discounts than just slapping a code or sticker to a product, go about it the wrong way and you could hurt your bottom line significantly in the long run regardless of the sales that they bring in temporarily. You need to be able to strike a balance on when and how to allocate them.

The Nukta Loyalty Program has just the tools for you. But first let’s look into the different reasons for awarding discounts and examples of discount promotions that will be beneficial to both the business and customers:

1.Discounts should be set based of your customers buying habits without digging too deep into your pockets.

2.Reward loyal customers as a thank you for their continued support with personalized rewards/discounts. e.g. if your one customers always comes in for milk, reward them with a small percentage off the item, doing this makes them feel seen and increases their chances of returning to the store.

3.Create discount campaigns around specific says of the month or year such as Valentines, Christmas, Diwali etc. sales are high during these seasons, therefore this helps you balance your profit, additionally, customers will feel included and part of the store and will likely recommend the store to friends

4.Create discounts for early-bird purchases on new items, this will help drive traffic to your business allowing you test out new products with ease.

5.Reward customers for successful referral campaigns – this will entice them to spread the word more if the rewards are great. Now that we have looked at some of the ways in which discounts can be created so that they are beneficial, let’s look at how to use the Nukta Loyatly tool to create your own discount campaigns:

The discount rewards tool allows you to define and determine discount offers based of the purchasing habits of your customers. You are can determine the campaign based on how often it can run, the frequency as well as the value spent needed.

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